Airline Passenger Service Agent

This course is designed to up skill and introduce new skills for existing frontline airline staff and benefit new entrants to deliver on business objectives to meet the increased expectations of airline customers. As the airline industry is changing so are the needs of its customers.

The diverse customer base and the increased personalization through automation as a result of the challenges to the airline’s frontline employees. Airline customer service is about interacting with customers at any point in their journey and improving their overall in-airport and in-flight experience.


By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:
• Describe the impact of current challenges on customer service
• Explain the importance of delivering personalized customer service
• Explain the benefits of self-awareness in a customer service role
• Describe the cultural differences that the staff should be aware of.
• Use communication skills to resolve customer complaints and conflicts
• Describes strategies for resolving customer complaints quickly and effectively.
• Know and identify dangerous goods in baggage transport and with IATA certification
• Management of the Amadeus Reservations system
• Management of the altea system of Amadeus ticketing


• Air transport introduction
• Ready to check-in
• Mind your gate
• Security & DGR
• Geography &Air rates
• Amadeus ticketing


• 4 months


• Course is designed for active participation and engagement from the learners
• Participants engage in activities that relate human factors principles relevant to the job and everyday life.

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