Human Factors Awareness

Any employee can adversely hack your day. This Aero Training Center USA course helps individuals and organizations develop a safety culture through practical exercises. Specifically, the course shows how the lack of designing processes that both aid human performance and mitigate the risk of human limitations can lead to disastrous outcomes.


By the end of the course, the learner should be able to apply the knowledge gained to carry out activities that contribute to the improvement of personnel and operational safety and work output. Through practical exercises involving real events in Aviation and Healthcare:
• Become conversant about basic Human Factors concepts
• Understand key human performance issues
• Conceptualize how to integrate Human Factors concepts to improve personal, team, and organizational performance
• Sample topics: The Dirty Dozen, PEAR Model, Human Factors is data mining and analysis
• Become knowledgeable of the Dirty Dozen, Pear Model and HumanFactors in data mining and analysis.
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• 2 Hours On-line Business to Business


• Course is designed for active participation and engagement from the learners
• Participants engage in activities that relate human factors principles relevant to the job and everyday life.

Industry 4.0 with Billy Schofield

Industry 4.0 is another name for The Fourth Industrial Revolution. This industrial revolution is characterized by the automation of manufacturing practice and industrial practices. Examples of advancements in Industry 4.0:
• Utilizing artificial intelligence in data collection, analysis, use, and outcomes
• Machine-to-machine communication
• Reduced human intervention in the manufacturing and industrial process


Entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders who take this course will
• Discover the key concepts of Industry 4.0
• Learn structured approaches to transformational change
• Gain insight on state-of-the-art production techniques
• Start to build a basic strategic plan.


• 1.5 Hours


• Participants engage in activities that relate the important changes in manufacturing
• Experienced instructors
• Learn in a community of globally connected professionals

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